The Hollowed Man

The Thin Hollowed Man Gazed Down Like A Vulture
On The Trembling Body He Placed Upon The Floor
Filled With Questions He Had No Real Answers To
Calm, Almost Bored, Like Lifeless, Lacking All The Twitching
And Screaming The Man On The Floor Exposed So Generously
Eyes So Scared, Sobbing And Covered With Tears And Dust
He Had Never Owned Any Kind Of Feelings, Constant Numb
Still, They Fascinated Him, These Incomprehensible Emotions
So Unlike Him He Mumbled And Pushed The Knife Into The Crying Man
A Scream Of Panic As He Slowly Twisted And Pulled Out The Knife
He Watched The Blood Dripping From The Shimmering Blade
Numb Like Dead He Said Loud And Pushed The Knife Into The Man
Until The Twitching And Screaming Slowly Silenced
For A While He Remained, Gazing At The Lifeless Body
Then He Suddenly Sighed Disappointed, Dropped The Knife
And Walked Away From It All, Feeling Absolutely Nothing