Life & Death

Realize and accept the fact that you will die eventually – Let that insight set you free – Realize that the only hinder in your life is you and no one else – Dare to move on – What have you to lose, nothing at all … Why?

You Will Die and I Will Die – No Matter How Old We Get – Or Live Thousands of Years – We Will Eventually Die – And We Will Always Die in The Present – Not In the Future – Nor the Past – Consider All Of Those Who Lived Before You – All Those Billions Of Humans – That Went to Work And Struggled to Survive – Loved, Made Love – Killed And Robbed – The Helpful, Merciful, Stoic – The Hateful – The Jealously Ones – They Are All Since Long Gone – Faceless, Forgotten Humans – The Forbearer – Those Who Made Way – For Your And Mine Existence – They Are All, Or Soon, One By One, Forgotten – Like They Never Existed At All – One Day, We All Will Belong To The Faceless, Forgotten Ones…

The Non Existence Of Luck And Bad Luck

There exist no random luck or bad luck in our lives, in fact all that exist is a chain of events, events initiated by your own actions and decisions as well as by other persons. Events that might collide or not, event that will cause what you describe as luck or bad luck. Still If you flip a coin thousands of times the outcome depends on different subtle variations in the angel of the coin, the amount of force, variations in the wind that surrounds you and the coin. So a chain of event within our control as well as outside our control will create different outcome each time we flip the coin. Take this realisation into your everyday life and you will realize that what ever happens to you is the sum of your own decisions and actions together with the sum of others persons outside of your knowledges decisions and actions. What that gives us is the insight that our lives is mere a chain of uncontrollable and controllable decisions and actions that will in some shape and form inflict upon our lives. Sometimes the outcome will be what we wished for and sometimes they will be all but what we wanted. What that gives us is that we have less control over our lives than most of us are willing to admit. To realize this will give us all the insight that whatever we do in our daily life, will affect other persons life in a way we in the most cases never will have any knowledge of.


The Unknown Future Will Bring Trouble, Sorrow As Well As Joy – To Accept What The Future Brings – Regardless Of Its Nature – Will Make Your Life Better – And Yourself So Much Stronger – So Embrace Future – Whatever It Brings With It – Because It Will Come Regardless If You Want It Or Not