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The nonsense with luck and bad luck

There exist no random luck or bad luck in our lives, in fact all that exist is a chain of events, events initiated by our own actions and decisions as well as by others. Events that might collide or not, events that will eventually cause what you describe as luck or bad luck.
Let’s say you flip a coin thousands of times, the outcome depends on different subtle variations in the angel of the coin, the amount of force, variations in the wind that surrounds you and the coin. So, as in all that happens, like flipping a coin is no more than chain of events within our control mixed with events out of our control, the sum of them will create different outcome each time we flip a coin.
Take this realisation into your everyday life and you will realize that what ever happens to you, is the sum of your decisions and actions mixed with the sum of others peoples outside of your control and knowledges decisions and actions.
What that gives us is the insight that our lives is mere a chain of uncontrollable and controllable decisions and actions that will in some shape and form inflict upon our lives. Sometimes the outcome will be what we wished for and sometimes they will be all but what we wanted. What that gives us is that we have less control over our lives than most of us are willing to admit.
To realize this will give us all the insight that whatever we do in our daily life, will in some shape and form affect other persons life, that in an outcome we in the most cases never will have any knowledge of.

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