Life & Death

Realize and accept the fact that you will die eventually – Let that insight set you free – Realize that the only hinder in your life is you and no one else – Dare to move on – What have you to lose, nothing at all … Why?

You Will Die and I Will Die – No Matter How Old We Get – Or Live Thousands of Years – We Will Eventually Die – And We Will Always Die in The Present – Not In the Future – Nor the Past – Consider All Of Those Who Lived Before You – All Those Billions Of Humans – That Went to Work And Struggled to Survive – Loved, Made Love – Killed And Robbed – The Helpful, Merciful, Stoic – The Hateful – The Jealously Ones – They Are All Since Long Gone – Faceless, Forgotten Humans – The Forbearer – Those Who Made Way – For Your And Mine Existence – They Are All, Or Soon, One By One, Forgotten – Like They Never Existed At All – One Day, We All Will Belong To The Faceless, Forgotten Ones…

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