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The Sum Of It All

Last updated on November 1, 2020

Sometimes in the country were I live, things works as they are supposed to do. But these sometimes are quiet the opposite to 99% of the time when absolutely nothing works as it once did, back when we still had a open flourishing society.

I live in a country were the right to free speech is since long gone. You are only allowed to state anything as long as you opinions are the same as the allowed ones. During my life I have seen our rights to express our inner thoughts, the right to actually debate any subject at all, slowly wither away and finally die. Today the which hunt starts as soon anyone steps out of line. The open debate is since long dead and with that all remains of the democracy we one had.

In the country i live, the government as in most nations have understood the benefit of keeping the masses at the right level of misery. Just as far down they possible can in order to remain stability and comfort. The right amount of comfort and misery keeps us all down, blocks us from breaking free, demand what we want. Why state an opinion, initiate a debate if that cost is to high, better to stay silent in line and still be able to live and breath for another day.

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